A clinical registry is an observational database, usually focusing on a clinical condition, procedure, therapy, or population. A stroke registry can be defined as “an organized system for the collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of information on individual patients who have had a stroke” [6].

An ideal stroke registry is nationwide and enrolls patients from as many participating hospitals as possible in order to increase representativeness and avoid selection bias [7]. For example, the Riks-Stroke register in Sweden, launched in 1994, has covered all hospitals that admit acute stroke patients across the country since 1998 [8]. Appropriate data structure and governance policies are needed to keep a nationwide stroke registry sustainable and operating well. Through the publication and communication of results, a stroke registry should be helpful for improvement of stroke care quality, health policy, and the outcomes of patients [7].

About the SECRET Research PROJECT

The SECRET Research Project (SRP) IS SATELLITE COMMITTEE OF EXPANSE GROUP, a non-profit Project related to Alexandria University Faculty of Medicine, was established in 2018 for the sole purpose of hosting on-line databases (registries) to acquire outcomes data and facilitate the exchange of scientific and educational information obtained from such research.  With the inception of the Stroke in Egyptian Clinical REgisTry (SECRET), the first stroke management and therapy registry in Egypt, SRP set its sights on improving emergency stroke care by enabling participating institutions to obtain performance reports that could assist with process improvement.   FEMTO Stroke Registry, (the First Egyptian Mechanical Thrombectomy for lvO STROKE Registry) was also created and hosted by the SRP to evaluate Mechanical thrombectomy as treatment for Acute ischemic stroke from the point of cost/effectiveness in National pattern to include the economical and medical care service organization in country like Egypt.

Additionally , and one of the most important feature of SECRET registry is incorporation of cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis metrics for the neurovascular practice in each hospital to find out the the proper option from both cost and clinical effectiveness point of view to be incorporated into the Standard Operating Protocol for each hospital.

The Board of Directors for SRP includes:

  • Frouk Talaat Egypt
  • Ismail Ramadan Egypt
  • Aymen Nassif Egypt
  • Fathi Afifi Egypt
  • Tarek Menicie Egypt
  • Hamdi Eltelawi Egypt
  • Tarek Rageh Egypt
  • Mohamed Allaa Egypt
  • Tamer Hassan Egypt
  • Khaled Sobh Egypt
  • Eman Khedr egypt
  • Hany zaki el deen Egypt
  • Amer Mahmoud Egypt
  • Mohamed Khalid Egypt
  • Sayed Tag eldeen Egypt
  • Aza Ghali Egypt
  • Ossama Yassin Mansour Egypt
  • Wessam Fathi Egypt


The SECRET is a clinical quality registry designed to facilitate the promotion, monitoring and improvement of acute care for stroke and transient ischaemic attack and aneurysms. • All hospitals require ethics approval to participate in the SECRET. The SECRET Office has established processes to assist hospital staff in progressing these applications. • Hospital staff are trained in the use of the SECRET data management system including how to export their own data and access their “live reports” which include benchmarked information against all other SECRET sites.

The Stroke in Egyptian Clinical REgisTry (SECRET) is designed from the ground up as a complete solution for process improvement and quality assurance for all aspects of emergency stroke treatment.in its coming iteration, SECRET will create a dose ranging and efficacy study of the intra-arterial use of alteplase vs. SRT for treatment of stroke. Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers will be find the use SECRET to track emergency processes of care and subsequent clinical outcomes for Intravenous [IV] tPA and/or Endovascular Treatment of stroke (EVT).  “The History of SECRET,” is in publishing process in 2018, provides a comprehensive overview of the registry’s evolution and importance to the current practice of stroke.  Please refer to the FAQ for further detail.

Providing consultation for SECRET is a Steering Committee whose members represent multi-disciplinary expertise in stroke treatment:

  • Jovin Tudor USA
Interventional Neurology
  • Sam Zaidat USA
Interventional Neurology
  • Ali Khuthami KSA
Stroke Neurologsit
  • Mohamed El mekhlafi KSA
Interventional Neurology
  • Hossam Eljehani KSA
Interventional Neurosurgeon
  • Nadia Hammami Tunisia
Interventional Radiology
  • Marc Ribo Spain
Interventional Neurology
  • Hythem Houssien Sudan
Interventional Neurosurgery
  • Valeria Caso Spain
Vascular Neurology
  • Robert Mikulik CZ
Vascular Neurology
  • Ossama Mansour Egypt
SRP Principle Investigator
  • Farouk Hassen Egypt
Interventional Radiology
  • Tamer Hassan Egypt
Interventional Neurosurgery

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  2. Cost of illness analysis
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