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Uniquely equipped to provide sophisticated analysis of the numerous steps involved in all forms of emergency stroke treatmentSECRET takes in all relevant information pertaining to process improvement to give out meaningful and specific reports that: showcase real-time institutional results relative to numerous performance measures; compare those results to an anonymous national aggregate; and demonstrate progress toward achievement of defined benchmarks (where applicable).  To accomplish these ends, SECRET offers several unique features:

Comprehensive Scope.  Whether you are a Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Center,SECRET empowers you to track and understand all pertinent steps in emergency stroke treatment utilizing Intravenous tissue Plasminogen Activator (IV tPA) or Endovascular Therapy (EVT).

Compliance.  All relevant performance measures pertaining to emergency stroke treatment that are mandated by the Joint Commission, numerous medical societies, and the American Stroke Association are separately calculated and presented in SECRET.  See Compliance for how SECRET fulfills this task.

Inexpensive and simple.  Utilizing tried and true methods of data management and requiring as little as 15 minutes for data entry (dependent on the case), SECRET was designed to follow routine clinical flow and incorporates a user-friendly format simple enough to begin using  immediately.

Live Processing.   Regardless of the complexity of the report or the number of data points you want included, your wait time for data analysis is . . . zero.  SECRETprovides all the results you want in easy-to-understand graphic formats with one click of a button in your page account.

Adaptable Application. As SECRET alone provides you with the full spectrum of data analysis, from key process intervals to multiple procedural results to clinical outcomes (with or without risk adjustment), you have complete flexibility to use the data for a wide range of purposes.

Informative Reporting

SECRET instantly provides you large numbers of custom-designed reports that deliver the information you need concerning any process or outcome you want to measure, whether it’s median time from door to IV tPA up to and including the percentage of patients with 90-day mRS of 0-1 or 0-2 with outcomes correlated to patients with diabetes or without diabetes.

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SECRET helps put Your Hospital at the Forefront of Stroke Care

Despite the rapid growth of neurointerventional medicine over the past two decades, there are numerous challenges in today’s stroke care environment.  In the aftermath of disappointing trial results that are raising questions about procedural efficacy and calling into question the ability of Endovascular Therapy (EVT) to achieve good patient outcomes, stroke centers are faced with a new urgency and responsibility to ensure that their stroke programs are operating at maximum efficiency and to advance every element of optimal patient care.

SECRET can make a significant impact in direct and indirect ways by:

Cost-Savings based on cost-effectiveness & utility analysis .  

SECRET was specifically designed for efficient data management and sophisticated analysis. The rewards of process improvement can be clearly demonstrated by SECRET with numerous easily understood graphical reports.  As these increased efficiencies lead to improved patient care and better clinical outcomes, your hospital benefits in numerous ways.  Patients spend less time in intensive care, and length of stay for stroke patients is shortened. Additionally and most importantly in this regards it can offer you accurate metrics about your cost effectiveness and cost utility analysis of your hospital performance either in general overview of certain practice or for each step in the workflow of that practice.

Real scoring report of the Program Success to Senior Leadership.  

When you are tasked withdetailing your stroke program results to those bodies vested with ultimate authority in the affairs of your institution, SECRET is your resource.  From demographics/co-morbidities that shed light on your institution’s stroke population to process data that reveals long- and short-term trends in performance and clinical outcomes (with or without individual patient risk-adjustment), SECRET provides the kind of high-leveldata that will stand up to scrutiny and help  reinforce your hospital’s leadership in stroke care on a national and local level.

Formulating Substantive Marketing.  

SECRET provides you with clearly visible graphic results and insightful information that can help you customize and shape your stroke care messages in a way that will resonate to leadership, the community, and to other stroke professionals.  From internal and external newsletters to traditional and social media initiatives to high-level presentations, SECRET is an invaluable resource that allows you to quickly and easily craft a story made powerful by easily seen data that supports your overall brand as a center of excellence in stroke care.

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Need-to-Know Information You Can’t Get Anywhere Else Except SECRET Can

Neurologists,Neurosurgeons ,NeuroInterventionists, Emergency physicians and others have a vested interest in information that can shed light on all aspects of emergency stroke treatment. Specifically, SECRET is the only emergency stroke registry tool that provides you with:

Arrival to Outcomes concept.   

SECRET is unique in its ability to provide individual patient timelines that clearly demonstrate where valuable time might have been saved, thus improving outcomes. At any given time, you can access single- and multi-factorial risk-adjusted clinical outcomes based upon various factors, including initial stroke severity (NIHSS), the Totaled Health Risks in Vascular Events (THRIVE) score, co-morbidities, original clot location, and other conditions.  But just as important as ultimate outcomes, SECRET provides invaluable information through comparison to a national aggregate for both IV tPA patients as well as Endovascular Therapy (EVT) patients.  You get detailed, customized information, with a minimal investment of your time.

Studying Individual Physician Performance and Institutional Influencing Factors.  

SECRET is the only stroke registry that tracks the performance measures included in the Multi-Society Consensus Quality Improvement Guidelines of Intra-Arterial Catheter Director Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke supported by over ten medical societies.  As these guidelines are the first to specifically mandate benchmarks for individual physician performance, as well as specify metrics for the major institutional processes that would influence physician performance and patient outcomes, they exist to improve quality of care in the emergency treatment of stroke.

National Platform to Keep Learning, and Contributing, to the World of Stroke mapping.   As emergency stroke treatment is still evolving, there is still much to learn.  Which patients receiving which treatments do better?  Which worse?  T-occlusions or M-1 occlusions?  What impact does the THRIVE score have on stroke treatment?  How overwhelming is the initial NIHSS versus the patient’s age as a predictor of outcomes?  How does diabetes or A-fib affect clinical outcomes?  SECRET provides you with information that can not only inform you, but when collectively utilized, can also inform the nation with unlimited publications.

Learn more about how SECRET can also benefit stroke coordinators and hospital administrators.

Real/BonaFide Personal Assistant

SECRET , As the nation’s registry specifically designed for process improvement of emergency stroke programs,  add-on , SECRET represents more than just somewhere to store data; it is a powerful tool in your administrative arsenal.  With its unique design and powerful analytical capabilities, it operates more as your very own personal assistant, providing you with clearly visible reports of performance measures and clinical outcomes and that would otherwise only be possible with a team of full-time staff working around the clock.

SECRET can assist you like no other analytical tool can.  Here’s how:

Comprehensive Program Analysis.  As a process improvement tool, SECRET is designed from scratch to make your work easier, your program better, and improve clinical outcomes. SECRET is unique in that it allows you to track all Joint Commission, American Stroke Association, and medical society performance measures (with benchmarks where appropriate) with full-color graphs ready when you are.  Monthly QA meetings are no longer a challenge but rather an opportunity to show your results.

Cost-effectivness registry Based Plans.  SECRET  is the first of its type registry to study the parameters for cost/effectiveness for specific steps in the chain of treatment and care for stroke patient. The only convincing tool which could be used to approach the politics to be attentive and malleable for national plans for care at national level and for auditing and planning for SOPs at the hospital level. We are convinced that the gap in medical care services from point between what should to be and what is real is due to miscommunication between both medical community and political decision makers in the region specially in the developing area of the world where money talks.

Justification for Your SOP Modification

SECRET uniquely empowers you with the information you need to make a strong, rationale case for improvement.  No longer do you have to rely on vague perceptions, memories, and anecdotes when communicating about areas in need of change . . . now, you have accurate and irrefutable evidence that is sure to help the decision-makers in your institution to modify or change Your SOP (standard operating protocol) .

Support for Reporting Duties

From monthly reports to the stroke team that include updates on process trends, personnel response times, individual patient treatment timelines (and possible performance lapses) to presentations to the C-suite that showcase the successes and performance of your stroke program, SECRET delivers the information you need in a graphic format that does the communicating for you.  In literally minutes, you can generate colorful and impactful PowerPoint presentations, and save yourself hours of work and could be used to represent your team effort in front of national and international communities.

Joint Commission ReviewsThere is, perhaps, no other time as stressful in a hospital environment as Joint Commission Review PhaseSECRET will make sure that you are prepared with easily understood reports that present all results relative to performance measures as specified by the Joint Commission for Primary and Comprehensive Stroke Centers.