By joining this level of membership you are or your center is eligible to be ranked to be listed on the stroke network. By this way your center capabilities will be measured according specific bundles of metrics and at the end your center will be settled to one of 6 levels of stroke & neurovascular care system which is coded by 6 colors ( the Green is the comprehensive and Black represent the primitive one ).

Requirements to fulfill the evaluation :
1- Sending email to /or signing up through the following link to request the membership
2- Filling application form and sending it back
3- Opening account to submit your evaluation parameters in the form of cases
4- Number of cases to be submitted to complete evalauation is determined by many factors (e.g. Number of cases admitted per month, number of beds assigned for neuro services , number of neuro-physician divided by number of practice hours in the hospital, number of ER physician divided by number of cases presented to ER department per day )
the minimum number of submitted cases per hospital could start from 25 cases and increasing the number will be reflected upon the strength of the evaluation level attained during evaluation process and consequently will be coded by the depth of the color coding the level of the maturity of the stroke care system in a given hospital.